Greensboro Newcomers Club By-Laws


This organization shall be known as the Greensboro Newcomers Club.



Section 1: 

   Greensboro Newcomers is a 501c (7) not-for-profit social club.

     The purpose of the club is to welcome newcomers to the Greensboro area and to acquaint them with the co      community and enable them to meet other newcomers.


Section 2:

The organization is primarily social in purpose and does not allow members or any outside organization or company to use the club for personal or commercial promotions. This includes the use of the club’s membership directory in this manner. Violations may be cause for revocation of membership upon recommendation by a majority of the board. Exceptions to this are considered only for club-sponsored events, for non-profit organizations which have met the approval of the board and for paid advertisers in the Newcomers newsletter.



The club year shall run from July 1st to June 30th.



  1. Membership begins with the payment of dues.

  2. Prospective members may attend two (2) Newcomer events or functions before deciding to apply for membership.  A prospective member is one who has identified themselves to membership as being new to the area or has experienced a recent life change event as described in Section 1 below.


     Section 1:  Active Membership

Persons eligible for membership in the club shall have been residents of Greensboro or vicinity for two years or less or have experienced a recent life change such as: empty nest, retirement, marriage, birth of a child, divorce or death of a spouse. Active membership is for a maximum of ten years. However, those joining after January 1 and before June 30 may remain in the club for that partial year in addition to the ten-year period.

An Active member may hold elected office any five years during the ten-year membership. An Active member may chair a committee, participate in interest groups, and attend general membership meetings as a voting member.

   Section 2:   Graduate Member

After completing ten years of Active membership, an Active member will become a Graduate member.  Graduates retain all privileges of the club except holding elected office and serving as a Board member.




Meetings shall be held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified, at a place designated by the Board of Directors, with the exception of November, December, March and May.




 Dues shall be $25 per club year for each New, Active, and Graduate member. In order to be listed in the printed or digital directory, current members must pay their dues no later than September 15th, or they will be removed from membership. Reinstatement is possible on payment of the full year's dues with a payment of a $5.00 late fee. New members shall pay their dues no later than the second event they attend. Any new member joining after January 1 shall pay $20 dues for the balance of the club year.



Officers of the Club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All executive board members should familiarize themselves with Robert’s Rules of Order.




Section 1:

The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of five Active members. At a regularly scheduled General Meeting between January and April, and at least one month prior to voting, this Nominating Committee shall present to the club a list of nominations for the four officers defined in Article VII. If more than one person is nominated for an office, the voting shall be by secret ballot. The Secretary will provide and distribute the ballots. The President shall appoint three members who shall immediately count, tally and make results known.

Section 2:

The officers shall be elected by simple majority of those members present at the next scheduled General Meeting/Special Event.

Section 3:

A vacancy in any office shall be filled by an Active member appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, temporary or otherwise, such vacancy shall be filled by the Vice President.





  1. The President shall preside over all meetings of the club, and the meetings of the Board of Directors. The incumbent shall appoint the non-elected members of the Board of Directors, the members of the Nominating Committee, the members of the Finance Committee, and the chairpersons of any special committees.

  2.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

  3. The President shall appoint the replacement for a vacated elected office with the approval of the Board of Directors.

    d)    The President will secure approval from the executive board on all club related decisions and business.          

    e)   The President may sign checks to transact club business in the absence of the Treasurer.

    f)  President shall appoint a committee to review financial records prepared by the Treasurer for an internal review at the end of the club’s fiscal year.

   g)  The President shall receive a free lifetime membership after completing her term of office.  As immediate Past President, they shall serve on the Board of Directors as an advisor and/or may serve as an appointed Board member for the year following her term in office.




  1. The Vice President shall perform any and all of the duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President.

  2. The Vice President shall serve as the coordinator of the Interest Groups and liaison to the Board of Directors.

  3. The Vice president shall maintain a current updated copy of the By-Laws and be responsible for presenting any necessary changes in the By-Laws to the general membership.

  4. The Vice President shall arrange for the Old/New Board luncheon.  If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President automatically becomes President.




The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall attend to all correspondence deemed necessary by the Executive Board.




  1. The Treasurer shall keep clear and accurate accounts.

  2. The Treasurer is responsible for all financial receipts and disbursements.

  3. The Treasurer will be chairperson of the Finance Committee which is responsible for preparing a budget at the beginning of the fiscal year

  4. The Treasurer will present this proposed budget to the Board of Directors for approval at the September meeting.

  5. Upon request, financial statements will be presented to the Board of Directors and the general membership.

  6. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit the financial records for an internal review which will be performed by a committee appointed by the President. The internal review is to be completed no later than 30 days after the end of the club’s fiscal year.




Section 1:

The Board of Directors, composed of the elected officers, the immediate Past President, and appointed committee chairpersons, shall have monthly meetings. If an Interest Group chairperson desires to attend the monthly meeting, they are encouraged to do so as a non-voting member.

Section 2:

The Board of Directors shall assume full responsibility for the club. At its discretion, the Board may present matters to the membership at the next General Meeting for discussion and/or approval.


Section 3:

The Board of Directors shall discuss and approve at their monthly meetings all club expenditures in excess of $100.00



The By-Laws may be amended at any regularly scheduled General Meeting by a majority vote of those members present, provided the change is presented in writing to the members 30 days in advance of the General Meeting.



   Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary reference for matters not otherwise covered in the By-Laws.



Standing rules are rules which are related to the details of the administration of the club rather than to parliamentary procedure, and which can be adopted or changed upon the same conditions as any ordinary act of the club.  Standing rules generally are adopted if and when the need arises. Standing rules remain in effect until rescinded or amended.


The following Standing Rule was accepted April 2014, revised November 2019

If an Interest Group closes its membership and excludes new members, that group will no longer be a Newcomer Interest Group and will not have newsletter announcement privileges.  A new group will be formed and a new chair will be selected. Please remember that our purpose is to be welcoming to all who are new to the area, or have experienced a recent life change, as described in Article IV, Section 1 of the By-Laws.


The following Standing Rule was accepted April, 2014, revised November 2019

No newcomer activities can conflict with the scheduling of the following activities:  Board Meeting, or General Meeting. Conflicting events will not be published in the Newsletter.