Due to Covid-19, Greensboro Newcomers has postponed events until at least January 1st. 2021. Some interest groups are meeting remotely or outside with masks and distancing.  Stay tuned and stay safe!

A Big Thank You to All of the members who donated to the Teacher Supply Warehouse Drive headed by Lynn Allison! We donated $1289.00  Great Job!

The Greensboro Newcomers Club has been welcoming people to our community since 1954! 


We continue to provide a friendly setting where newcomers can get acquainted with the Greensboro area.  Whether you are new to Greensboro or find yourself in a new life circumstance, our club provides many social and volunteer opportunities to meet and make new friends.


 We enjoy having a good time together as we explore Greensboro and the community around us. We provide special interest groups that are as varied as our members. Please consider this your invitation to join our club and explore all that we have to offer! 

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